About your host – Chris Broome

Chris’ love of all things technology, innovation, and motorsport – combined with living next door to the Silverstone F1 circuit – provided the perfect combination when launching his now award-winning chartered financial planning practice – Longhurst.

With over 18 years’ successful experience he holds the prestigious Chartered Financial Planner accreditation. He is also a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society; the highest academic honour bestowed by the Chartered Institute.

He really enjoy building brands and content, with the Longhurst website (and it’s supporting content – including this podcast) winning a number of awards over the past few years, including the 2021 SME National Website of the Year.

Chris also enjoys giving back to the next generation. Having never had a mentor of his own, he now understands the importance of supporting those in need of guidance and honest feedback. As such he supports a number of fellow peers and business community colleagues with their own ventures and careers.

Chris Broome - Longhurst

About Longhurst

Longhurst is a multi-award-winning financial planning practice which combines inspirational lifestyle planning with expert independent financial advice and wealth management.

Together, we will collaborate on a deeply personal life narrative that excites and inspires you.

We will help you to focus on leading a happier life, not just a wealthier one.

Where needed, we will help to install and build financial confidence, which in turn will empower you to live life to its fullest – a life lived without regret.

We advise clients from all walks of life, located across the whole of the United Kingdom. We have offices in Silverstone (Northamptonshire) and Farringdon (London). We also deliver our services virtually via secure video conference.

In 2021 we were voted the UK’s #1 Firm for ‘Best Client Engagement’ and won ‘SME National Website of Year’.