About your host – Chris Broome

Chris’ love of all things technology, innovation, and motorsport – combined with living next door to the Silverstone F1 circuit – provided the perfect combination when launching his now award-winning chartered financial planning practice – Longhurst.

With over 20 years’ successful experience he holds the prestigious Chartered Financial Planner accreditation. He is also a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society; the highest academic honour bestowed by the Chartered Institute.

Working predominantly with business owners and senior executives, Chris helps to answer your big financial life questions, such as:

  • Do we have enough money to live a fulfilled and secure life?
  • Will my family be ok if something happens to me?
  • How do I ensure my wealth is protected and passed down through my bloodline?
  • What type of legacy will I leave behind?

Chris can also help fellow business owners with:

  • Utilising company cash more effectively for your personal planning.
  • Corporation tax planning.
  • Corporate disaster planning.
  • Understanding how much you need to achieve from a capital event (i.e. MBO).
  • Becoming less reliant on a company sale for your future retirement.
  • Growth, exit & succession planning.
Chris Broome - Longhurst

About your guest-host – Fiona Pawley

Fiona brings a unique perspective to leadership and management, drawing from her personal motorsport experience to help people learn how to better tap into their personal power, improve relationships, and establish themselves as leaders in their industry.

With a focus on practical techniques and actionable strategies, Fiona’s coaching and training is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their leadership and management skills. 

Her aim is to provide a bespoke and enjoyable coaching or training experience, tailored for personal and business needs, helping individuals unleash their potential and make the key changes they need.

Fiona is a big believer in challenging the status quo by asking clients what they are tolerating? Tolerance is a virtue that enables peaceful coexistence and shows strength by accepting diverse opinions.

However, tolerating things that limit business or personal growth is counterproductive. Such tolerations are unnecessary irritations that drain energy, time, and focus, causing frustration and annoyance. Fiona helps her clients to think differently and take positive action. 

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting out, the Inside Silverstone podcast is for you. So, tune in and let’s explore the world of business together.

Fiona Pawley - Inside Silverstone Podcast