In the latest episode, number 114, our esteemed host, Fiona Pawley, talks with Alex Keys, Sales & Marketing Director at Dumarey Flybrid.

2024 welcomes new and exciting times for PUNCH Flybrid as they rebrand to Dumarey Flybrid. Same group, same people, same product BUT a new brand that encapsulates their desire to continue growth, to innovate further and to service their customers with the same passion to work towards our vision of a future where sustainable mobility will be accessible to all.

Listen as Fiona and Alex talk about how every dynamically operated vehicle or machine will use some form of energy recovery system at some point in the future.

Racing and road cars, buses, trucks, off-highway machinery, and even electric power generators experience highly dynamic duty cycles that allow energy recovery systems to provide a benefit.

Dynamic duty cycles demand high power to recover energy. Dumarey Flybrid has developed energy recovery technology that uses high power densities to achieve exceptional performance.

Alex and Fiona also find time to talk about Silverstone Park life including 5-aside football and the benefits of coaching, also the joys of driving their first cars; which were both Volvo’s with automatic chokes.