In episode 109 your host, Fiona Pawley interviews, Tristan Allen, Partner and Product Strategy Consultant of room44 and Owner Operator of Fully Charged Silverstone. We dive into emerging trends in the world of eBikes, strategy, and electric micromobility solutions for families and companies.

We discuss how strategy relies on knowing what’s on the horizon, what’s likely to happen, and what could happen. Tristan shares his insights into signals and trends that shape product development.

But we’re not stopping there! We’re also dispelling cycling fears for non-cyclists and exploring how eBikes are transforming urban mobility for families and businesses alike. Tristan’s experience in personal mobility and eBikes shines as we delve into Fully Charged Silverstone’s journey since 2020.

Join us for an electrifying discussion on innovation, trends, and how eBikes are making cycling more accessible and appealing for everyone, while providing sustainable solutions for families and companies in the world of urban mobility.