In episode 112 your host, Fiona Pawley, interviews James Dornor, Founder of Driven By Us.

The organisation has been set up to support allies, ethnic minorities and female groups in all aspects of automotive and motor sports.

Principal activities will be to provide STEM & Media programs targeted at less affluent areas across the UK increasing knowledge and accessibility for these groups.

James Dornor has 13 years’ experience in automotive and motorsport industries combined, formerly responsible for maintaining all electronics and car systems on a range of Mercedes AMG F1 Heritage cars driven by the likes of Sir Lewis Hamilton MBE ranging from 2022-2013 and beyond.

Since creating Driven By Us in 2023, James has:

> been to No.10 for the Black History Month reception, celebrating entrepreneurs making an impact for the next generation;

> met with Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister and Dame Rt Hon. Andrea Leadsom MP discussing EDI within automotive and motorsports;

> won the Points of Light award, recognising the outstanding volunteers who are making a change in the community.

Driven By Us have also formed the first ethnic-led recognised club through Motorsport UK that will host events for the community and its members.

We hear how the unwavering support of business leaders, club officers and industry volunteers, has created the community and success of Driven By Us.

Anyone can sign up to volunteer, join the club or donate.