After an 18-month sabbatical our podcast is now back with a bang.

In episode #101 your host, Chris Broome introduces his new fantastic co-host and former guest, Fiona Pawley, Leadership Coach and Engineering Trainer.

Listen as Chris introduces Fiona and together, they wax lyrical about their businesses pre, during and post Covid. They talk through the many benefits of hiring a business expert (both financial and at coach level) during times of personal and professional change.

Chris shares his experience of being a Silverstone Park based business and how the Silverstone Technology Cluster community has been essential to the growth of his business Longhurst.

Fiona also talks us through how she is training engineering professionals and coaching business owners to better support their teams in more inclusive work cultures.

They chat about their first cars and dream cars as well as the exciting guests we have got lined up for the next series of episodes.

Also, tune in to find out why Fiona needed to wedge a 5p next to the hazard light of her first car a Peugeot 106.