In the latest episode, Episode 113, our esteemed host, Fiona Pawley, engages in a captivating conversation with Gary Brotman, a fervent technology advocate serving as the Chief Executive Officer at Secondmind.

With an impressive track record of over two decades, Gary has led teams dedicated to constructing and commercialising product and service lines for top-tier Fortune 500 companies and startups, with a focus on machine learning, mobility, and media.

Secondmind is at the forefront of a revolutionary effort to transform the automotive industry. Delve into the discussion to discover how their cloud-based optimisation engine is empowering engineers to craft superior cars at an accelerated pace.

Gain insights into Gary’s distinctive approach to team-building, anchored in authenticity and diversity, which serves as a catalyst for the company’s ongoing success.

Join us in exploring the intersection of innovation, technology, and leadership in this insightful episode.