In episode #102 your host, Fiona Pawley interviews Darren Cox – CEO of DCC+Co & the innovator behind the Nissan PlayStation GT Academy, the inspiration for the new film Gran Turismo; where Orlando Bloom is cast as Darren.

He is a CEO who has launched and run several companies and projects which live mainly in the F1, Motorsport, digital, virtual, marketing and content worlds. Listen as Darren walks us through his impressive career, he has been the corporate guy, the start up guy and the CEO.

In August 2023 the film ‘Gran Turismo’ is released. This movie depicts the struggle and success he had launching The Nissan PlayStation GT Academy through the prism of the early career of Jann Mardenbourgh.

To get here he has had a great apprenticeship. From Finance to Franchising. From Sponsorship to Sales. From launching new digital brands and platforms to delivering outstanding customer experiences.

Delivering Motorshows to a brand new digital platform for 26 European countries in 18 months.