In episode #103 of Inside Silverstone your host, Fiona Pawley interviews James Densley Chief Technical Director at TDF Ltd. Fiona and James delve into the exhilarating world of engineering and running F1 and heritage cars.

Listen as we explore the fascinating story behind the TDF/One, a remarkable creation that combines a genuine Formula 1 chassis with the TDF powertrain. This innovation not only makes operating these powerful machines more accessible and affordable, but it also preserves their mind-boggling performance.

James also discusses the challenges of running a start-up business during COVID and how he managed the growth of the TDF/One program, TDF/Works and TDF/Precision. James has successfully turned the business around with careful commercial planning, marketing and building client and brand relationships.

He remastered and delivered the TDF/One program to market, with new collaborations and partnerships globally and with Silverstone Technology Cluster companies, across all areas of TDF.