In the last episode of the season, Episode 115, our resident coach, Fiona Pawley, talks with Aly King-Smith, Founding Director of Clearworks Coaching; A team of coaches offering bespoke leadership development and coaching for individuals, groups and teams in STEM, Biotech & Pharma.

Their mission to bring about more healthy, happy, high performing leadership confidence in the senior teams of STEM, Biotech and Pharma.

Listen as Fiona and Aly talk about how Clearworks supports senior leaders who are moving from their technical and scientific backgrounds into impactful senior leadership roles. The transition from smart technical expert into inspirational, charismatic leader is no mean feat. There’s a whole new world of skills and behaviours needed, to feel confident and balanced setting the vision and direction, and communicating that across a team. No longer do the measures of accuracy, fact and data work, once we’re leading people. Nothing that we measured ourselves upon, throughout our early academic career is relevant now, as we step up into the strategic and people-focused roles.

Good news the Lab to leadership™ solution addresses exactly this; supporting retention of emerging leadership talent, developing their confidence and enabling them to find their own leadership voice and style. Coming in spring 2024 is the Lab to leadership™ Podcast hosted by Aly and the Clearworks coaching team which will provide tools, inspiration and support for leaders within STEM organisations who have responsibility for developing talent.

Aly and Fiona also find time to talk about the interesting inclusion debate held at the recent Silverstone Technology Cluster Conference and how limiting inclusion can limit innovation. Finally, the joys of driving their first cars; which Aly’s happened to be driving a Jago Jeep across the Cheshire salt plains.