Dr Cristiana Pace of Enovation Consulting

In episode #98 your host, Chris Broome interviews Dr Cristiana Pace of Enovation Consulting.

Listen as Cristiana walks us through her impressive motorsport career, which evolved from ‘safety’ to ‘sustainability’, and now includes being a member of the FIA Environment & Sustainability Commission; Honorary Research Fellow; STC Ambassador; Keynote Speaker; and founder of her own consultancy business.

Cristiana then introduces us to Enovation Consulting, which creates and implements bespoke and robust sustainable strategies with a positive impact, complemented by meaningful activation and legacy projects.

The show also includes a quite amazing story about how a late-night dinner with FIA colleagues in Australia would lead to in-race safety systems and processes being designed, which would, 15 years later, save Romain Grosjean’s life in Bahrain.