Mastermind Sessions #6 ‘Survive & Thrive during COVID19’

In episode #54 your host, Chris Broome, holds Mastermind Sessions #6 ‘Survive & Thrive during COVID19’ Joined by mindset expert and ‘Spears 500’ executive coach, Angela Cox, listen as they discuss the best techniques to embrace if you want to do more than just survive during the current COVID19 lockdown.

This includes:

  • What is the Change Curve, and where are you on it?
  • How to cope with understandable anxiety
  • Panic avoidance techniques
  • Self-talk and its importance
  • Resilience and how to master it

Angela also talks us through her career; the types of business leaders and individuals she’s worked alongside; and what it takes to be accredited with a global title such as Spears 500.